Positivity for the world’s trailblazers

We’re here for the slightly-obsessive, “no plan b” motivated entrepreneurs changing the world.

Hi, we're biz besties now.

We’re here for the slightly-obsessive, “no plan b” motivated entrepreneur who’s changing the world.

Our mantra:

If you want to go big, go in.

Entrepreneurship takes skill, determination and strategy in order to do what no one else has done. Oftentimes we can get distracted, but if you are in-tune with with our mind, body, spirit you know the best thing to do for your business - that’s what Motive Deck™ is here to help you do.

Meet Olivia

Designer, Writer + Founder

Hi, I'm Olivia, the creative behind Motive Deck™. As a spiritual entrepreneur and self-development junkie, positive mindset and rituals are practices I know have added to my success (and sanity) as a business owner. After running my design agency, Current Design Studio, and mentoring designers for years, I know what it's like to experience burnout and feel lonely in your entrepreneurship journey. I made Motive Deck™ for all entrepreneurs to experience a bold and vibrant daily pep talk to empower you to go after your dreams, no matter what that looks like.


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